Why Buy Prodigy-5

Prodigy-5 is the most powerful food supplement today because of its powerful ingredients like Phytoplankton, Antioxidant, Vitamins & Minerals, Green Tea Extract, and the patent pending TransArmor Technology.

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Prodigy 5 Testimonials

Jim Reynolds – United States

“Overall the feeling of great energy is awesome but now I am sleeping better than I ever have. Deep REM sleep”

Uwe Jolli – Germany

“The First Taste Prodigy 5!!! It’s a Great experience…with the Friends…”

Norbert Burkardt – Germany

“My energy is inexhaustible. Prodigy-5 is a great product. Thanks a lot to Dr. Ambati & Dr. Saucedo. Welcome Home . Thank you all.”

Kevin Burrows – Bermuda

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for several weeks. I use Prodigy-5 for our men’s soccer team before game and at half time. The team is energized and it shows in their performance as the game gets closer to the end. A product to share with everyone you come in contact with. Lives that will be changed with this is amazing product and the opportunity is second to none.”

Zuzana Uherová – Slovak Republic

“My husband’s vision seems to be improving.”

Tatyana Kovalchuk – Ukraine

“As a new mom, of course, I feel tired, stressed, etc. I started to drink Prodigy-5 and I felt better almost immediately. After a few more days, I felt my mood improved. With a baby, I have to wake up constantly feeding during the night, but with a Prodigy-5 it has become much easier. For now I do not feel constantly squeezed like a lemon, on the contrary I have more energy.”

Avigdor Jacob – Israel

“I have been consuming Prodigy-5 for a month. My eyesight seems to be improving and I feel more energy and am focused for longer periods.”

Papp Tímea – Slovak Republic

“My father has been taking Prodigy-5 and his eyesight has improved. We love the ForeverGreen products.”

Veronique Brezot – France

“Since I’ve been taking Prodigy-5, my vision seems to be improved, and have had no need to always look for my glasses because I manage to do without them more often. I have less tired eyes at the end of the day and I can read more.”

Bruno Minster – France

“I have been using the Prodigy-5 and have felt a renewal of energy that I could feel very quickly. Thanks Prodigy-5, Thanks ForeverGreen”

Monika Schaer – Switzerland

“I’ve already felt a change after a short time of using Prodigy-5. My concentration has improved, I work with more focus and efficiency. I am very grateful to ForeverGreen for this product and this fantastic business opportunity.”

Andreas Feierabend – Switzerland

“The first 2 weeks of trying Prodigy-5 I’ve had so much energy I almost couldn’t sleep. I feel that my body works more efficiently, I haven’t had any sickness since I’ve taken it from the first time.”

Ilana Cohen – Israel

“I love Prodigy-5 and use it daily. It is the best supplement I’ve ever used. My eye site has improved as well as my sleep. Overall I feel energized and happy.”

Kerstin Aigner – Austria

“I have been drinking Prodigy-5 every day. I’ve noticed that my hair has become less brittle and my fingernails have become harder. Even at night, I’m now more relaxed, and have more concentration.”

Helga Gerl – Austria

“My girlfriend is usually very tired, and needs a lot of sleep. She has been drinking Prodigy-5 for a month. Already after 14 days she feels fit and in a better mood and full of energy. Michaela is now sleeping better. This is simply sensational.”

Claudia Ruhe – Germany

“I have not experienced winter ailments that I usually get despite frequent contact with sick people.

Joan Moore – Canada

“My husband and I have been using Prodigy-5 since its launch. It has kept us from getting sick through the holiday season when several family members were ill with colds and flu. It has enhanced our mood and given us a brighter outlook on life through the gloomy months of winter. His vision has improved. Not bad for a 71-year-old! Thank you Prodigy-5.”

Alphonse Sauer – Germany

“I take Prodigy-5 every day in the morning after getting up. My concentration is getting better, and my eyesight seems better.”

Hulliger Peter – Switzerland

“I take Prodify-5 each day. I am much more alert through the day and sleep much better at night.
My snoring and vision have also improved.”

Paul Ayala – United States

“I love Prodigy-5! Every day I look forward to taking it and I’m not a pomegranate kinda of guy so that says alot about the taste. For me, sleep quality has been the most improved. No more snooze button. No more morning fog. Thank you ForeverGreen.”

Christophe Lecroard – France

“In a week, I regained form, energy and tone thanks to Prodigy-5. This is the perfect addition to my daily diet. With Prodigy-5 I felt the difference from the first day. The quality of my sleep has greatly increased, my daily energy also. One feels the energy. One thinks faster, feels fit and ready to do lots of things throughout the day. More efficient than coffee! Refreshing and healthy, Prodigy-5 is practical thanks to this small pouch that can be brought everywhere with you. I can enjoy in a bottle during a session of sport, Prodigy-5 is my new favorite drink.”

Rick Beneteau – Canada

“The clarity and sense of well-being are unbelievable! You feel your body is being richly nourished! Nourish the world!”

Devang Patel – United Kingdom

“Have been trying for few days and am feeling bit better.”

Mary Spicer – United States

“First off, Prodigy-5 tastes great and I love the pomegranate/raspberry flavor and look forward to it every morning when I start my day. Prior to using Prodigy-5 I would have dips in my energy in the afternoon and evening. I’ve noticed that since the very first day I’ve experienced consistent energy and mental clarity that lasts throughout the day. When I’m out for a walk, sometimes I actually feel like I want to run! If I’m walking up a steep incline, I feel like my stamina has increased, I don’t feel winded and it’s easy to maintain a strong steady pace. And lastly, my sleep has improved. I fall asleep with more ease, sleep deeply and am dreaming again.”

Samantha King – Canada

“After a month of taking Prodigy-5, my friend said that things have been less overwhelming and she has an easier time managing her stress.”

Laurie Eccles – Canada

“I have been using Prodigy-5 for about 6 weeks. I find it so much easier to take the Prodigy-5 over a handful of vitamins. Definitely enjoy the ease of this product.”

Ekaterina Tashkinova – Russian Federation

“Prodigy-5 gave me an incredible opportunity to see the world better! I began to take Prodigy 5 and I feel my mood improved, and additional strength and energy, and in a few weeks I’ve realized my vision has improved! I continue to drink our tasty and healthy product, and share the results!”

Kacou Alain Joel – Ivory Coast

“The few samples of Prodigy-5 I have tried have really enhanced my health. This includes decreased fatigue and improved concentration. Prodigy-5 is a wonder and a treasure.”

Mária Csernyánszky – Slovak Republic

“Three weeks ago I started to drink Prodigy-5. Since then my vision has improved and things look crystal clear, hurray!”

Gabrielle Lauenstein – Spain

“For a month I’ve taken Prodigy-5. By my second day I noticed that my eyesight in the evening
was improving. Before Prodigy-5 it was difficult watching TV at night, because everything was blurry. But now everything is looking clear, I am very happy about it.”

Prodigy 5 Testimonials Verdict

Once you read a lot of reviews and testimonies never doubt the product anymore. Just like the first time you saw the product Prodigy 5 already gave you a benefit of the doubts. However, Prodigy 5 Testimonials above clearly showed that the product is 100% proven all over the world!

Prodigy 5 Testimonials are not false testimonies, as a matter of fact, we included the names and countries and even the real story happened.

The bottom line here is that Prodigy 5 Testimonials are worth to read before you decide. Yes! We are not forcing you to buy the product. We want you to undergo reading, research about Prodigy 5 Testimonials and then you rethink if is it really worth it.